Thursday, 31 January 2013

Caring for your face the natural way: The journey so far…


Fast-forward to two years later, my skin eventually cleared up and lost a great amount of the itching. It was quite a slooooooooow process—— yeah, it was that slow!!
But there was a teensy-weensy problem: you see, although I used the baby treatment and it worked, my skin was not exactly infant material so even though it cleared up and normalcy returned, it was dull and there were quite a number of blackheads. For the record, I have really oily skin…think slick, grease and sludge; pardon the gross terms!! Therefore, although my skin was acne-free and all, it was not bright in a glowy kind of way, you know?
So right now, my next step is to find perfect natural and skin-friendly beauty products to bring the light back into my life and my face. I’m off to do some (window) beauty shopping.

See you next post!

~ Neni~

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Caring for the face the natural way: From the outside in


Hello, people!! In my previous post, I talked about how my foray into natural beauty started. Well, like I said earlier, all those harsh and scary chemicals in all those numerous products I had used had a done a number on my skin to the extent of affecting the chemical imbalance/ph level/acid mantle/whatever of my skin. At first, I was reeeeeeally angry with these companies whose products had wrecked my skin…then I became really angry…than angry and finally just plain worried.

So, I thought and thought and decided to go cold turkey and give my skin what I call “the baby treatment” which simply means treating your face as if it were a baby’s.  I stopped using everything and anything on my face. So, for the next 2years or so, I was using just three “products” on my face: baby soap, baby powder and water. It wasn't easy at all.  

Did my so-called baby treatment work? 
Well, find out next post! 
Please share your experiences.

~ Neni~

Monday, 28 January 2013

Natural Skincare: A Good Idea?

Image: Exclusive Italy Weddings
Your face is the only one you’ve got. Sorry to sound harsh but it is what it is… Your face actually needs less than you think; in fact, your body needs less than you think it needs. If you would just take a moment to think about it, you’ll see that I’m right. Some people (e.g. me) have been known to use 13220925 products on their face everyday for years before finding out the hard way and the only way: facial explosion. Yep…my face erupted in pimples, scars, flakes, and all things gross (sorry, I don’t mean to be so graphic!). 

   I then took a very difficult decision to go natural in my skincare routine and I’m so happy I did. My only regret is that I wish I had got around to doing it much earlier but oh well, better late than never right?  My heretofore tough as nails skin had become so sensitive that if I sneezed, my face would start to itch really badly….yeah, that bad. 

Would you like to know how I started? 
Stay tuned!

What about you? Have you tried going natural? Was it good or bad?
Share your thoughts.

~ Neni~


Saturday, 26 January 2013

What is Beauty?


Yeah, such a simple question, yet so difficult to answer. I’m quite sure you have various answers to such a question. If you thought makeup, cosmetics, dressing up, personal attributes or a sum of both inner and outer qualities, you are correct…but it doesn’t stop there. Why? That’s because beauty is much more than all of the above. It is a word that’s right up there with love, faith, hope, hope, music and all those other words that make you sigh wistfully as you look up at the sky or ceiling for answers! 
   Okay, I’ve said my bit, what do YOU think beauty is?



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