Thursday, 28 March 2013

3 Simple Steps To Younger Looking Hands

  • Use a mild pH soap when washing your hands. A good example is Dove moisturizing bar.

  • Exfoliate. Use a grainy scrub on backs of hands twice a week to reveal glowing skin. You can either use the same scrub that you use on your face or make your own by making a solution of brown sugar and olive oil. Gently rub on the back of your hands and rinse.

  • Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize! After washing your hands, pat dry and while moist, use a moisturizer on the hands, cuticles, and nails. Keeping the thin skin of our hands moisturized is very important. Before going to sleep, apply a rich moisturizer to your hands to keep them moisturized throughout the night. You will love your hands in the morning. A good moisturizer is shea butter which works great for my hands and is super cheap.
~ Neni ~


  1. Hello Neni! What's good?
    Pls I need ur help-I normly hav verrry painful periods dat leave mi rollin on d bed/floor,unable 2 go out,etc,n d pain extends 2 ma legs-4 d 1st 3 days out of 5,nd somtyms on d 4th day too. I've tryd drugs bt I wanna know if der's somethin natural dat can help. Thanx.

    1. Hi, Tobbie.
      I'm not a medical practitioner therefore I can only tell you what I use for myself.
      1. I start taking my drugs as from two or three days before the period starts.
      2. During the period, I avoid all kinds of sugary foods and drinks because they make my period very, very painful.

      Whenever, I do these two things, it makes things so much better.

      Hope I helped!

    2. Neni pls can I use white sugar in place of brown sugar? Does it do d same work?

    3. Yes, you can. But make sure the quantity of white sugar is more than the oil.

  2. Neni, regarding sugar and sugary consumption by ladies, I would like to add that ladies should start avoiding anything sugary. Don't wait till the havoc has been done; cultivate a healthy eating habit now.

    Sugar(esp. refined sugar) and the female reproductive system aren't friends! Right now, I don't add sugar to my tea, beverage, pap etc. I take them like that; I've trained my taste buds to adjust to taking bitter and sour things and I'm better for it.

    If I'm to take sugar, it must be the ones already packaged in foods like bread, biscuit, cake, ice cream(I regulate my intake of the last two cause the sugar content is usually high).

    If you know you can't do without sugar, then add bitter leaf juice(ewuro) to your diet. Squeeze the juice and take, it helps to balance one's sugar level.

    But on a serious note, if you are interested in healthy living, cut your refined sugar intake to the minimum level.

    1. Well said, Rubynnia!You are so right. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. Thanks for d post neni.


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