Thursday, 24 March 2016

6 Benefits of Lime Juice

Lime juice is a liquid got from the lime fruit. It has a sour taste (depending on whom you ask!). The lime fruit is known to have numerous benefits such as skin care, hair care, weight loss, aid digestion, gum care, scurvy and eye care just to mention a few.

Lime is consumed all over the world in various ways such as in beverages, cooking, confections, smoothies and juices, cosmetic products and in cooking.

Here are some of the useful benefits of lime juice:

  1. ELIMINATES BODY ODOUR Applying half a lime to underarms /armpits will help to battle any offensive smell. One thing, do make sure armpits are clean shaven and free of hair because hair traps germs which in turn causes odour.
  2. A NATURAL SKIN LIGHTENER Skin lightening with lime juice has been posted HERE and for armpits/underarms, posted HERE . 
  3. HELPS WITH WEIGHT LOSS Adding a slice of lime fruit to warm water and drinking it every morning will do wonders for your digestive system. Also, you could add a squeeze of lime juice to some delicious ginger tea as posted HERE 
  4. HELPS FLUSH TOXINS This works in conjunction with No.3 above. Flushing out toxins results in weight loss.
  5. ACTS AS A MILD PRESERVATIVE Have you ever noticed the way sliced fruits and vegetables turn brownish in colour after some time? Well that is as a result of oxidation. How to prevent it? Squeeze lime juice over cut or sliced fruits and vegetables and make them stay fresher for much longer.
  6. HELPS ACNE/PIMPLES HEAL FASTER Yep. Everyone has had at lease that stubborn pimple that just wont quit!! Well, no worries, Just dab freshly squeezed lime juice on it and leave to dry. Reapply at least every four hours and watch it fade away like a bad pimple (pun intended ;))
As you can see, the lime fruit packs quite a punch for its size. 

Buy a lime today!


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