Boost Your CV with These 11 Free Courses

Online Courses to Boost Your CV

Have you been in the same position at work for the past five, six years or maybe even ever? Do you feel stagnated and could really do with a promotion ASAP. Or maybe you would like to follow a different career path but don’t know where to start. Do you want to take the leap of faith and start your own business?

You will need to empower yourself with the right tools to achieve your goals. Fortunately, these tools are literally at your fingertips, i.e. the Internet.


Here are 11 free (and short!) online certificate courses that you can use to boost your CV, improve your LinkedIn profile or help make your hustle a reality.


RMIT University’s The Art of Photography

Duration: 4 weeks

Good photography skills are a great asset in this internet age. It doesn’t matter if you are taking photographs for your website, online shop or even social media account, beautiful photos sell your brand much better and faster too.


Starting a Business – FutureLearn

Duration: 2 weeks


The University of Leeds is offering this course via FutureLearn, a website owned and established by The Open University. The “Starting a Business” programme is a six-part online course aimed at preparing young people for the business world but is actually open to anyone.

This course is versatile which will look great to prospective employers, no matter the industry.


Social Media Marketing – Alison

Duration: 15-20 hours.


In recent years, social media has grown to become one of the core aspects of any business. Therefore, having a social media certification in social media marketing will look good on your CV and make it really stand out from the others.


Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel – Microsoft via edX

Duration: 6 weeks


This is a free online course but you have to pay $49 to be given a Microsoft certificate. As a result, we’re not too happy about that.

Microsoft Excel is used in almost every office which means that as a job applicant, you should know how to use it although many people think they already do —- but they don’t.

With this on your CV, potential employers will be relieved to know that you really do know how to use Excel.


Harvard University’s Introduction to Computer Science (via edX)

Duration: 30 hours


With this course, you will learn how to become efficient in solving programming issue and think in terms of algorithms. You will also become familiar with CSS, HTML, and PHP.

As with the Excel course mentioned previously, the course is free but you can pay $90 to get a Harvard Verified Certificate.


Getting Started with Google Analytics – Udemy

Duration: 4 hours


This course will teach you to master the basics of Google Analytics and help you understand how to improve your website performance. You will learn how to interpret data reports and translate them into insights to act on.


Introduction to Public Speaking – edX

Duration: 10 weeks


You will learn to construct and deliver basic, persuasive and complex arguments. You also learn how to design and deliver educative presentations in this course to help you become a confident and effective public speaker.


Internet Marketing for Smart People – Copyblogger

Duration: 20 lessons


This course is for those who want to up their internet marketing game. This applies to bloggers, vloggers, and other online entrepreneurs.

Copyblogger presents this email course with a simple approach to implementing effective online marketing. Do you know why we really love this course? Once you register, you will get instant access to 14 e-books on copywriting, content marketing, keyword research and so much more.


WordPress Academy – WordPress

Duration: 30 days


WordPress needs little or no introduction when it comes to web development. It is a favourite for web developers because it is an easily customizable platform. WordPress Academy offers a 30-day free trial course with their library, which includes various classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels with recognized certifications.


Diploma in Project Management – Alison

Duration: 6 – 10 hours


Project management is one of those courses that are applicable to almost any industry. As such, it is in great demand internationally and this free course from Alison will cover everything you need to apply the best techniques to your job. You will start with the basics and practices of project management before concluding with a project management case study.


Basic French Language Skills for Everyday Life – Alison

Duration: 6 – 10 hours


This free course from Alison introduces beginners to the various aspects of French. When you take this course, you will learn the different tenses – present, past and future, a wide range of French vocabulary and become fluent in conversational French.

Oui, s’il vous plaît!


Have you taken any free online courses to boost your skills? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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