The 9 Mistakes You Make While Washing Your Face

9 Mistakes You Make When Washing Your Face
  1. Not removing makeup first: You are trying to cleanse your skin, right? Well, if you are still wearing makeup which is in the way, then you’re not doing much cleansing, are you? You’re simply removing your makeup.

What to do? Remove makeup with a facial oil, liquid facial remover or facial wipes before proceeding with washing your face.

  1. Using water at the wrong temperature: If you use very hot water, it will dry out your skin, while cold water will keep your pores closed. What to do? Use lukewarm water which is neither too hot and nor too cold and your skin will be just fine.
  2. Not rinsing properly: After washing your face, you should rinse it thoroughly to avoid product build-up on your skin. This will result in clogged pores, dry skin and the appearance of pimples.
  3. Not washing your hands first: Believe it or not, it is important to wash your hands before washing your face. The hands are constantly exposed to bacteria daily as a result of all the things they touch throughout the day. Therefore, before washing your face, start by washing your hands, your face (and hands!) will thank you.
  4. Exfoliating too often: You hardly need to exfoliate your face daily because it could dry out your skin or affect its pH balance. Some facial scrubs contain harsh ingredients which can the damage the skin with daily usage. Depending on your skin type, you should exfoliate once a week or every two weeks. This way, you get to maintain your skin’s natural texture as well as keeping it well exfoliated.
  5. You use the wrong products: This one is pretty straightforward. If you use the wrong product for your skin type, you probably won’t get great results. Oily skin works best with foaming cleansers while dry skin will do well with a hydrating cream cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, use products specifically made for your skin type.
  6. You wash your face vigorously: When washing your face, you don’t need scrub vigorously; rubbing gently will do the job quite well. As long as you are using the right products, there really is no need to scrub the skin aggressively.
  7. Rubbing your face dry: Do you rub your face aggressively with a towel after washing it? It could be that you are applying too much friction on your facial skin. And no, your skin won’t be any cleaner if you towel it harder.
  8. You don’t moisturize immediately: You should never leave your skin to dry completely. Apply a facial moisturizer while your skin is still damp to seal in the moisture, which allows for extra absorption and effectiveness of any active products.


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